Sheer Voile Butterfly Curtain

Size: 1 Panel: 132x160cm
Colour: Summer's Day


These sheer voile curtains feature vivid butterfly prints to brighten your day whenever you enter the room. When the wind blows, the curtains flutter and you will see the butterflies fly in the air. It’s ideal for girls' bedrooms and nurseries. It has the perfect amount of sheer to allow light into the room, while ensuring indoor privacy.

Curtains are machine washable.

All our curtains have an eyelet top (metal rings of 4cm diameter) for more uniform and naturally soft folds.

Includes 1 panel of curtain. You will need to purchase 2 units for a pair.

Do NOT purchase just enough curtain width to span the width of the window. Curtains should be  2 to 3 times the width of your window, depending on how “full” you want it to look. Our curtains are sold in single 132cm panels. For example, if your window is 100cm wide, you will need to purchase 2 panels (total width of 264cm). If your window is 50cm wide, a single 132cm panel is enough.

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