Nursery Kids Curtains - Clouds | Blackout or Sheer

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Colour: Blue
Size: 132 x 160 cm
Transparency: Blackout
$24 $34


Your little one will enjoy looking at these cute and fun printed curtains.
Choose from blackout or sheer material, or combine both. The most popular option is 2 blackout panels and 1 sheer panel on the inner as shown in the pictures.
The blackout curtains effectively blocks out 80-90% of light, and the sheer curtains diffuses light while letting enough light through to brighten the room.
Keep your child's room at the optimal temperature. Our blackout fabric regulates room temperature by insulating against summer heat and winter chills, reducing air conditioning and heating costs.
Made with grommet top - solid and durable 4cm diameter metal rings so curtains can slide easily through the curtain rod.

Made from 100% eco-friendly, non-chemical coated polyester. Machine Washable.
I  curtain panel -  each of 132 x 160cm or 132 x 213cm.

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